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Rocky. Rescued by SPCA HK.

At home with Philippa.


A fund-raising art project by Philippa.


Hi furiends,


Thank you for visiting the website and reading our story.


Born in Bedford, I grew up in Hong Kong with two Cocker Spaniels named Tuffy and Pepa. I spent four years in London studying Fine Art- the first at Central Saint Martins and then at Chelsea College of Art & Design. Now back home in HK, I spend most days outside with Rocky exploring new trails and wandering familiar routes on our daily walks.

Born and raised in HK, Rocky was found alone by a warehouse in Yuen Long and was rescued by inspectors from SPCA HK. She was a raggedy pup with patchy fur and itchy skin, and spent a few weeks at SPCA before coming home to us in 2015. Rocky is a big sister to Kaiya (rescued by LAP HK), and Oscar (rescued by Catherine’s Puppies), and the face of this fund-raising art project. 


Drawing your pups has introduced us to dogs, dog lovers and dog owners all over the city (and parts of the globe..!) and encourages us to stay involved with the work of local dog shelters.


So far we've supported teams that have rescued our family as well as those we've visited and volunteered at before. We choose different shelters to donate to every couple months so as to spread the love and connect with people who are involved in life-saving work. Every little helps! Each drawing along with your donation helps to keep various dog shelters active so that they can continue to rescue and re-home many dogs in need. If you have a shelter or group you'd like us to support, please get in touch and let us know. Our ears are open (Rocky's are big and ready) and we love hearing from you!

Love from,

Philippa & Rocky.

Connect with us: @for.theloveofdog

Share the Love: #ForDogsHK

Make a direct donation to Sai Kung Stray Friends:


HSBC | Sai Kung Stray Friends Foundation

Account no. 124-073891-001


Get in touch:

Hand-drawn in Hong Kong.

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